• The Importance of Landscape Design

    Everything Outdoors is ready to turn your property into a constructible design with everything you could imagine! We believe in creating a unified design that brings the home and the outside ares together as one. Our goal is to bring out the greatest potential of your home with a landscape design you can sit back and unwind in.


    Everything Outdoors’ team works to create a design for projects big and small. Feel confident that our talented team and collaborative process will bring innovative solutions and inspiring ideas grounded in landscape construction and maintenance realities.

    The Importance of Great Design

    At Everything Outdoors we believe one of the most important areas to invest in is your homes entrance. The key to a welcoming tone for friends and family is creating an inviting curb appeal. Another area of importance is your outdoor living space. These areas are often for dining, relaxing, and enjoying nature.

    How Our Landscape Design Process Works

    To start the design process off right our experts meet with our clients to determine their goals, needs, and wants. From there, we go into the selection and design phase where our clients create their outdoor dream. Everything Outdoors’ goal is to put the customer at ease and make the design process enjoyable.


    Step 1: Landscape Planning

    During this phase we set up a consultation with our clients to determine their goals, needs, and wants. This helps us understand how the client intends to use your yard, what plants and features the client likes and dislikes. This consolation will assist us in tailoring a landscape design that best suits the clients individuality.

    Step 2: On-site Meeting

    Once we completed the consultation, we like to have a meeting with our clients face-to-face to discuss the landscape project in further depth. We also want to inspect the site firsthand and collect measurements and photos to work from


    Step 3: Computer Generated Design Model

    After taking all the information from the consultation and examining the site we can begin drafting your individual design using our design software. This software helps our designers create a landscape blueprint that helps us communicate the clients wants by providing a visual image of how their dream yard will look when finished.


    Step 4: Final Plan Presentation

    When the final design plan is completed, it is show to the client along with examples of the materials and plants used on the design model. If adjustments need to be made this is the time to discuss those changes with our design team.


    Once the client is ready to proceed with the landscape project, the contract is drawn up. A percentage is taken for a deposit when the contract is signed and from there we schedule the installation.


    When the start date to your landscape project approaches, Everything Outdoors will notify you to give an exact start date and send you care instructions for the plants that will soon be thriving in your yard.

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