Elevate Your Outdoors: The Ultimate EO Landscape Care Guide

Guaranteed Peace of Mind: Everything Outdoors' Comprehensive Warranty

Your landscape isn't just an investment—it's a testament to your vision and a reflection of your personal sanctuary. At Everything Outdoors, we're not just committed to creating stunning landscapes; we're dedicated to ensuring their lasting beauty. Our warranty is the cornerstone of this commitment, offering you assurance and protection as you embark on this transformative journey.

Duration and Coverage: Your Landscape's Safety Net

We understand that the early days of your landscape's life are crucial. That's why we offer a 30-day warranty on sod and a 90-day warranty on plants and trees, both starting from the day of installation. These warranties create a safety net that ensures your newly introduced elements have the best possible chance to establish themselves and flourish.

But our dedication doesn't stop there. For those who choose to take the journey with us through our landscape care package or program, we extend an impressive full-year warranty. This commitment underscores our confidence in not only our work but also in the ongoing care that your landscape deserves.

Dependent on Best Practices: Your Role in Warranty Coverage

We believe in a holistic approach to landscape care—one that involves not just our expertise but also your active involvement. Our warranties are contingent upon adhering to a series of best practices that are crucial for your landscape's health and longevity.

  • Fungicides and Pesticides: To activate your warranty, we require post-installation treatment of landscape material by Everything Outdoors with fungicides and pesticides. This preemptive step ensures your landscape's resilience against potential threats from day one.
  • Proper Irrigation: An approved irrigation system isn't just a convenience—it's a lifeline for your landscape. Our warranties require landscape material to be adequately watered through such a system. This practice prevents under-watering stress and over-saturation, both of which can compromise your landscape's health.
  • Meticulous Maintenance: Just as a masterpiece requires care, your landscape needs attention after installation. Our warranties stand on the premise of proper post-installation maintenance. This includes everything from regular pruning to the diligent nurturing that ensures your landscape thrives.

Transplanted Material and Responsibilities: Clarifying Warranty Scope

It's crucial to be transparent about what our warranty does not cover. Transplanted landscape material, due to its inherent complexities, falls outside the scope of our warranty. This means that if these plants do not thrive, we are not responsible for their replacement.

This clarity underscores the importance of considering the nature of transplanted plants when planning your landscape. While we're dedicated to every aspect of your landscape, the intricacies of transplanting can be challenging to predict.

In essence, our warranty is a partnership—a commitment from us to provide expert craftsmanship and guidance, and an acknowledgment of the role you play in ensuring your landscape's success. It's a bond that encapsulates our joint dedication to the flourishing beauty of your outdoor space.

Your landscape's story is one of growth, transformation, and enduring splendor. With our comprehensive warranty, we're honored to be part of that narrative, ensuring that each chapter is marked by your landscape's thriving brilliance.

Pro Tips for Ensuring Warranty and Thriving Landscapes

At Everything Outdoors, we're not just about crafting landscapes; we're committed to your landscape's long-lasting success. To help you make the most of your investment, we've assembled essential insights that can make all the difference between a flourishing outdoor oasis and a potential challenge. Here are some pro tips to keep in mind—each one designed to safeguard your warranty and set the stage for a vibrant, thriving landscape.

1. Nurturing New Sod: Patience is Key

Timing is Crucial: The excitement of new sod installation is palpable, but patience is your ally here. For the first 4 to 6 weeks post-installation, resist the urge to cut your new sod. These crucial weeks allow for the establishment of new roots, a foundational step toward a resilient and lush lawn.

Proper Mowing Heights: When it's finally time to introduce your mower, precision is vital. Different grass types have unique height requirements for optimal health. St. Augustine thrives between 3.75”-4.5”, Zoysia flourishes at 2.5”-3.5”, and Bahia shines at 3”-4". Following these recommendations is more than aesthetics—it's the key to preventing issues like fungus, sod burnout, increased weed growth, and even potential failure.

2. Nurturing Newly Installed Plants: Root-Focused Care

Delay Trimming for 30 Days: Once your newly installed plants grace your landscape, hold off on any trimming or cutting for a minimum of 30 days. During this period, these plants undergo a crucial transformation. Nutrients that would typically support leaves and flowers are redirected to establish a robust root system. This focused effort sets the stage for long-term health and resilience.

Early Struggles Are Normal: Don't be alarmed if your new plants seem to struggle during their initial months. This is entirely normal as the plant reallocates resources for root growth. The shedding of leaves or flowers is a positive sign—it indicates the plant is prioritizing its foundation, a promising sign for future growth and vitality.

3. Tree Stake Support: Patience for Stability

Staking Duration Matters: If your tree has been staked, keep the support in place for at least 6 months after installation. This patience ensures that the tree establishes a solid root system and maintains its stability for years to come.

The Pitfalls of Premature Removal: Removing the stake before the designated time can lead to serious consequences. EO's liability becomes void, and your warranty could be compromised. Premature removal might introduce unexpected stresses that hinder the tree's growth and overall stability.

Professional Support When Needed: In the event of a loose or broken stake or strap, our team is here to assist. A simple call to our office triggers prompt action—our dedicated team will re-stake your tree at no extra cost. Our commitment to your landscape's success extends beyond installation; we're here for the journey.

Incorporating these pro tips into your landscape care routine isn't just about preserving your warranty—it's about nurturing an environment where nature thrives. With these insights, you're not just a spectator in your landscape's story; you're an active participant in its transformation. At Everything Outdoors, we're not just crafting landscapes; we're partnering with you to create living masterpieces that flourish with time.

Cultivating Lifelong Beauty: A Comprehensive Guide to Post-Installation Care

Your landscape is more than just an arrangement of plants—it's a living canvas that evolves with every passing day. At Everything Outdoors, we're committed to not just crafting outdoor spaces; we're dedicated to nurturing their enduring allure. As you embark on the journey of post-installation care, discover how our holistic approach to water management and plant health care creates the foundation for a thriving landscape.

Nurturing with Water Management: From Installation to Flourishing

First Two Weeks: In the initial phase following installation, your landscape's new components require daily watering. This period is critical for their establishment, ensuring that they take root and thrive in their new environment.

Transition to Every Other Day: After the first two weeks, adjust your watering routine to every other day. This balance provides essential hydration without over-saturating the soil, fostering optimal growth.

Tailored Zone-Based Recommendations: Different zones within your landscape have unique watering needs. To guide your care, we recommend specific durations per zone type:

  • Spray Zone: Water for 20-40 minutes
  • Rotor Zone: Allocate 25-50 minutes
  • Drip Zone: Aim for 40-70 minutes

Sensitivity to Environmental Factors: The sun's exposure and the zone's pressure play a significant role in determining ideal watering times. These factors ensure that your landscape receives the right amount of hydration for its distinct conditions.

Collaborative Responsibility for Timing: While EO initially sets recommended run times for daily watering, after two weeks, the property owner's involvement becomes vital. Adjust watering days to every other day, and subsequently, twice a week a month after installation. This collaboration between you and Everything Outdoors contributes to the ongoing health of your landscape.

Timer Adjustments and Warranty Protection: A crucial aspect of water management involves keeping the timer settings aligned with our recommendations. Deviating from these guidelines by altering the timer will nullify landscape material warranties. If you're uncertain about making these adjustments, our dedicated team is ready to assist. A simple call to our office can arrange for a technician to make the necessary changes, free of charge.

Plant Health Care: Sustaining Vibrancy and Resilience

Comprehensive Landscape Care Package: Beyond water management, our landscape care package includes plant health care—a vital element in the journey to a thriving landscape. For those who entrust us with ongoing maintenance, this package safeguards your investment.

Year-Round Protection for Optimal Health: If you choose not to utilize Everything Outdoors for maintenance, we strongly advise obtaining a year-round spray service for your new landscape material. This comprehensive service forms a shield against potential threats, safeguarding your yard from diseases, fungus, and pests. Additionally, your landscape receives regular fertilization to maintain its vibrant health and lush greenery.

Essential Sod Treatment: For new sod, our post-installation application of fungicides and pesticides is crucial. This treatment is a prerequisite for activating sod warranties. Without this application, warranty coverage for sod cannot be ensured.

At Everything Outdoors, we believe that successful post-installation care requires a partnership—a harmonious collaboration between our expertise and your active involvement. This synergy ensures that your landscape is not just a static composition, but a dynamic realm of enduring beauty. As your landscape evolves with the seasons, our commitment to its continued vitality remains unwavering. Your landscape isn't just a creation; it's a legacy of natural splendor that will flourish for years to come.

Sustaining the Beauty: Your Guide to Future Landscape Care

The journey of landscape care doesn't conclude with installation; it's an ongoing voyage towards lasting beauty. As we've explored the pivotal role of water management and plant health care, it's time to delve into the additional practices that will ensure your newly installed plant material thrives for years to come. Here's a comprehensive insight into the future of your landscape care—a harmonious blend of nurturing, maintenance, and growth.

Ornamental Grasses: A Symphony of Renewal

Late February Ritual: Embrace the arrival of late February with a revitalizing practice for your ornamental grasses. Cutting them back not only paves the way for new growth in the spring but also eliminates the accumulated brown foliage that can mar their elegance throughout the year.

Ferns and Tropicals: Minimal Effort, Maximum Grace

Minimal Maintenance for Elegance: Tropical plants are designed to thrive with minimal intervention, letting their graceful nature shine. When pruning is required, focus on removing browning foliage back to the main stalk. Remember, new growth doesn't emerge from the cut site, so ensure that the entire frond or leaf is removed.

Managing Spread and Fullness: Some ferns and tropicals possess a tendency to spread. To curtail this, periodically remove any undesired shoots from your landscape. For Cordyline and Dracaena, alternating which cane you trim prevents the plant from growing leggy, fostering lush and balanced growth.

Shrubs: Shaping and Thriving in Every Season

Growing Season Trims: During the growth phase, trim your shrubs every few weeks to maintain their desired shape and height. This regular attention keeps them looking well-groomed and vibrant.

Hard Pruning for Renewal: When shrubs appear leggy or overgrown, consider a hard prune in late February. This strategic action invigorates the shrub, promoting fresh new growth in the upcoming spring.

Precision Pruning: Take note, especially with shrubs boasting larger leaves—opt for hand pruners over shears. This practice prevents half-cut leaves from browning, which can give shrubs an unhealthy appearance.

Groundcover: Shaping and Containing

Shaping Groundcovers: Groundcovers lend beauty and unity to your landscape, but they can sometimes wander into unwanted areas. Trim them back when they begin encroaching, ensuring they maintain a desired shape.

Moderation is Key: While tending to groundcovers, remember not to cut more than a third of the plant at once. This moderation safeguards their vitality while preserving their overall form.

Grass: A Canvas of Easy Care

Regular Mowing: Grass is your landscape's canvas, and with consistent care, it flourishes. Keep your cutting blades sharp and mow consistently. Cutting no more than a third of the grass blade at once prevents undue stress and avoids the appearance of burned areas.

Potential for Aeration: While uncommon, compacted soil can affect even the most robust sod. If you notice signs of compaction, consider soil aeration—a practice that ensures your grass receives the necessary nutrients, water, and air for optimal growth.

Embrace the Journey of Lasting Beauty

Your landscape's journey is a testament to the partnership between nature's elegance and human nurturing. As your landscape evolves, these practices will be your compass, guiding you towards a realm of perpetual beauty. At Everything Outdoors, we're not just crafting landscapes; we're curating experiences—a symphony of colors, shapes, and textures that harmonize with the seasons. With your dedication and our expertise, your landscape's story will unfold with grace and vibrancy, transforming every chapter into a masterpiece.

Guiding Your Landscape's Transformation: Nurturing New Growth

With your yard's transformation underway, questions about tending to your newly planted material are natural. Remember, these living components are now part of your space, and like all living beings, they thrive with proper care and nourishment. This guide is your starting point, providing insights to unlock their potential.

Caring for Nature's Art: Caring for your landscape is akin to tending to a masterpiece. Each tree, shrub, and plant possesses unique needs and rhythms, shaping a dance of vitality that unveils nature's poetry in your surroundings.

Blueprint for Care: Within this comprehensive guide lies a blueprint—offering insights and strategies to nurture your landscape's vibrancy. From water management to plant health, we've addressed essentials for your landscape's success.

Guidance Within Reach: Should the prospect of nurturing feel overwhelming, know that our dedicated maintenance team is a call away. They're ready to simplify complexities, answer questions, and support you on this journey. Your landscape isn't just a project; it's a shared endeavor.

Sustaining Beauty: Landscape maintenance is more than a task—it's how enduring beauty and value flourish. Each care action contributes to a masterpiece that defines your outdoor space. This is where Everything Outdoors excels—melding expertise, commitment, and innovation.

Discover the Difference: Ready to see the impact of consistent care? Everything Outdoors can nurture your landscape's brilliance, from water management to plant health. Our commitment is unwavering.

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