How to Get a No Mow Lawn in Tampa

Tired of mowing your lawn, applying fertilizer and flighting pests and diseases?

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Several residents are looking for more sustainable and low maintenance lawns. If your lawn was planted with turf-grass it can be a lot of maintenance, resulting in high inputs of fertilization and water. Rather than traditional turf-grass yards, think about considering replacing all or parts of your lawn with an alternative lawn such as a wildflower lawn or with ground covers, shrubs and trees. You can enjoy your yard and conserve our natural resources with carefully selecting Florida-friendly low maintenance plants.

The purpose of a no-mow lawn is to simply create a more permanent sustainable landscape. Your planting plan should be focused on including perennials, but you can also plan to plant annuals as well. Having diversity of plants in your landscaping and adding biodiversity will help provide food for wildlife and beneficial insects to help create a more ecological landscape. This will help keep garden pests in check by attracting their natural enemies. Having a sustainable Florida-friendly landscape design will require minimal nutrient inputs with fewer pests and disease problems.

If you have a larger area you may consider an alternative lawn that gets occasionally mowed/trimmed or installing ground cover plants. With this replacement your landscape can be a tad more open and bare, which may lead to more weed issues and you may need to replenish your mulch at least once a year.

Increasing the size of your already existing landscape beds is an easy way to reduce the amount of turf grass in your yard if you're not ready to lose the lawn you have. Some low maintenance alternatives to turf-grass are larger landscape beds with shrubs and tress. When your trees and shrubs get established, they will be able to survive from rainfall alone.

Turf-grass can even be a better alternative than concrete due to turf-grass reducing soil erosion, filter pollutants, and reduce surface runoff. Turf-grass can also have its negatives when impacting on the environment such as improper fertilization and overwatering. If a portion of your lawn is covered in turf-grass, make sure to care for your yard properly or give us a call and we can do all the work for you!