Landscaping and Gardening Trends for 2023

With every new year there are new trends, even in the landscape industry.

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Everything Outdoors is always up to date with any and all Landscaping and Gardening trends. Below are a list of trends that are being practiced in our industry.

  1. Gardening
    In the beginning of the pandemic, gardening was becoming increasingly popular. What first started out as freshening up the areas where we were spending more time, now homeowners are maximizing and personalizing their outdoor living spaces.
  2. Maximalist
    The maximalist look is becoming more and more popular, homeowners are wanting more bold and playful decor details – think a pop of handmade tile on a patio or around the edge of a pool. The design idea is to use a variety of tones, volume, and texture. If done right, you accomplish the goal of looking intentional and not overly messy.
  3. Abundance
    The abundance trend is about making your garden appear a bit more wild, productive, and connected to the earth. This trend is about mixing in edible plants with the rest of your landscape, rather than planting them in a raised bed. An abundant garden incorporates the usefulness of edible plants with pollinator plants.
  4. Renovation Invitation
    Instead of moving, think about investing in your current home and landscaping. Homeowners are making smarter use of their side yards; featuring pocket-sized fire pits or small plunge pools. If you’re wanting to follow this trend, focus on making your garden more comfortable and livable, rather than renovating your landscaping solely for curb appeal.
  5. Bringing the Outside In
    Larger plants that are usually kept outside are being brought inside to create lush, relaxing living spaces (take a look at Tampa’s new downtown hotel The Edition for inspiration). Although this is a new trend, the bringing-the-inside-out trend continues; homeowners are investing in quality furnishings, fire pits, pizza ovens, and water features.
  6. Prefabricated Sheds
    Sophisticated ADUs are becoming more popular and affordable than building your own. Homeowners want thoughtful landscaping that makes their sheds feel like a part of their overall design of their property.
  7. Climate Challenge
    Homeowners are starting to proactively design for climate change by native plants and low water and designing with fire safety or floods in mind.
  8. Casual Conversation
    More and more requests for stadium seating and built-in benches that feel more informal, cozy, and maximize small spaces from homeowners. This look is less traditional than a symmetrical seating area or outdoor living room, but gives a custom feel.