Curb Appeal

Creating a welcoming entryway and front yard

Your home's entryway and front yard are the first things that visitors see. When you return home after a long day, that's what you see first. What better way to add personality to your home than to make it reflect your design aesthetic and personality?

Become the envy of your neighbors by designing the landscape of your dreams. Having a welcoming look at the front of your home is easy with these tips.

Any style will benefit from low-maintenance, hardy plants. When creating a good looking landscape, it's crucial to place the right plants in the right places. Your front entryway should have low-growing, compact plants that maintain their shape. Keeping a clean growth habit allows pruning to be kept to a minimum and ensures walkways are clear for visitors. Landscape designs that provide a direct view of the front door enhance visual appeal and are helpful for orientation.

You should keep in mind the size of plants in relation to the house and the space in the yard. You wouldn't be able to make your house look as inviting if your yard is hidden by vegetation.

Keeping your landscape cohesive and unified means picking a few plants and repeating them. Choose textures, sizes, and heights that are different from one another to add interest. Color is another element to keep everything looking cohesive; a palette with warm or cool tones will help.