Everything Outdoors Introduces our Electric Lawn Maintenance Team!

Electric lawn mowers are better for the environment, healthier for the person running the mower, easier on the ears, and leads to sustainable lawn care!

The lawn care industry has seen many changes over the years in the quality of equipment being produced. Several landscape companies have had to ask themselves whether or not they want to make the move to electric lawn mowers versus gas-powered mowers. For Everything Outdoors the question was easy to answer with the health, safety, and environmental responsibility in mind we decided to go green!

It's important for us to note the positive effects that transitioning from gas powered mowers to electric mowers has on both the operator and the environment.

Did you know that over 17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled each year while fueling mowers? That's more than what was spilled during the Exxon disaster. Gasoline spills can cause a lot of damage, it seeps into our groundwater and the rest evaporates into our air, polluting the ozone. Having an electric mower is better for the environment in this way and not to mention the health of the person operating it. According the EPA, particle pollution and volatile organic compounds, which are released from the combustion of gasoline in the mowers, can become lodged into the operator's lungs causing damage over time. While an electric lawn mower does not produce such emissions. Another positive for running an electric lawn mower versus a gas powered mower is you'll save your hearing and your neighbor's sanity. Gas mowers operate at about 95 decibels and hearing loss can occur after prolonged exposure to over 90 decibels, while Electric lawn mowers are virtually noiseless.

This is Everything Outdoors first step to practicing sustainable lawn care in our maintenance division, by ensuring the health and safety of our team and protecting the environment from harmful emissions and gasoline spills.