How to Increase your Homes Value with Landscaping

Homeowners are often looking for ways to increase their homes' value and having a beautifully landscaped yard is a great place to start. Regardless if you are looking to add curb appeal to sell your home, or just to simply enjoy your outdoor space.

Landscaping projects can be an excellent way to add significant value to your home. Below are a few ideas of where to start your improvements.

Creating great landscaping for your home can be an excellent investment in your property, with a large return on investment. It is even estimated that spending as little as 5% of your home's value on a landscaping project can get an ROI of as much as 150%.

Landscape Design - Smart landscape design can offer an ROI (return on investment) of 200-400%. According to economist John Harris, keeping up with your home gardening and landscaping can present up to 28% of the value of your home. Seeking out a landscape professional is a good place to start for a thoughtful landscape design that will produce maximum return on your investment.

Landscape Lighting - Several homeowners are beginning to invest in landscape lighting. Adding landscape lighting to the property of your home will let you and your family enjoy access to the outdoors 24/7. When you think of outdoor lighting homeowners often think about lighting up pavers, patios, or their homes. However, when adding landscape lighting elevates your home's living space both visually and physically. 

Landscape Maintenance - For a healthy and beautiful landscape, it is important to maintain your lawn to promote health and growth for your plants and trees. Consistent weeding will help avoid fungi and will help keep your plants growing properly. Pest control is another thing to consider when maintaining your landscape--pests can destroy your lawn, trees, and several plants. Having good landscape maintenance means protecting the investment you and your family have made on your property.

Water Feature - Water elements are highlighted against the greenery and foliage of your landscape and can be used to create a centerpiece around your garden or yard. A single fountain can draw the eye, while a trickling stream or waterfall can deliver water to various spots in the landscape. Adding a water feature may not be as big of a return on investment as other projects, but it may just be the showstopper you need to enhance the vibe of your home.

Fire Feature - Fire features are a wonderful addition to add to your outdoor living area. Whether you're someone who likes to entertain or you prefer to just spend time outdoors. Fire features can transform the way that you use your yard, they are an exciting way to get even more use and enjoyment out of your space all year round. Not only are they enjoyable, but fire features become an eye-catching focal point and they are also an added benefit when it comes to selling your home. According to The National Association of Realtor fire pits net a 67% ROI.

Outdoor Kitchen - If you're looking to invest in a home improvement project that offers a great return on investment then look no further. According to Zillow, homes with outdoor kitchens sell for nearly 30% more than expected. These kitchen designs are very customizable making your outdoor living space a focal point and offering many benefits when it comes to entertaining. CNN Money,, and Remodeling Magazine support that outdoor kitchens nationally return 100-200% of the improvement cost. 

Decks and Patios - Decks and Patios is one of the best additions a homeowner that frequently entertains guests can add to their outdoor living space. A rock-solid and properly designed hardscape are one of many additions you can make to your backyard, not only for your personal pleasure but for resale value as well.  If you are a homeowner that frequently entertains guests this can be a great addition to your home. Having an outdoor space where people can gather and spend time together is a huge benefit of adding a patio/deck to your home.

Pergolas - If you love spending time in the outdoor space you've created, but it's not quite useful on a summer afternoon or if you wish you had protection from in-climate weather, a pergola may be for you! If you already have a deck or patio a pergola can extend your living space and increase the amount of time you spend outside. According to Remodeling Magazine's data, the return-on-invest of a pergola can range anywhere between 40-60% depending on the state and weather climate you live in.

Fencing - Constructing a fence around your property can be a great investment. A fence can come in just about any material and any configuration. From the common but oh-so-homey white picket fence to the elegance of wrought metal, a fence extends the architecture of the house to the edges of the property. Having a good fence can produce a return on investment of 50-70%.